In 2016, the Stanford Medicine WellMD Center identified three domains that contribute to Professional Fulfillment. The WellMD Team created the Stanford Professional Fulfillment Model based on their 2013 and 2016 Physician Wellness Survey data. Dr. Mickey Trockel has defined Professional Fulfillment as: “Happiness or meaningfulness, self-worth, self-efficacy and satisfaction at work.”

LeadWell has adopted this Model.


Workplace systems, processes, and practices that promote safety, quality, effectiveness, positive patient and colleague interactions, and work-life balance


Key Success Factors

  • Identification and redesign of inefficient work
  • Involvement of physicians in redesign of clinical processes and flows
  • Teamwork models of practice
  • Design of workspace for interpersonal proximity for improved communication
  • Use of efficient communication methods to minimize e-mail time burden
  • Designing roles to practice at top of licensure
  • Streamlining EMR and other IT interfaces
  • Realistic staffing and scheduling that recognizes predictable absences

Individual skills, behaviors, and attitudes that contribute to physical, emotional, and professional well-being


Key Success Factors

  • Self-care assessment and support systems
  • Safety net systems for crisis interventions
  • Worksite evidence-based health promotion
  • Encouragement of peer support
  • Financial management counseling
  • Life-needs support mechanisms (e.g. Child and Elder Care, After hours meals etc.)

Shared values, behaviors, and leadership qualities that prioritize personal and professional growth, community, and compassion for self and others


Key Success Factors

  • Leadership support, commitment, and accountability for wellness
  • Infrastructure and resources to support wellness
  • Regular measurement of wellness/professional fulfillment
  • Recognition and appreciation
  • Fairness and inclusiveness
  • Transparency and values alignment

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