We deliver virtual Healthy Living classes directly to your workgroup, so you can stay connected.
LeadWell Class Types
  • Contemplative Practices
  • Environmental Health
  • Health Enrichment
  • Nutrition & Weight
  • Prevention & Medical Management
  • Stress & Resiliency

Sponsor a class for your department

A manager or representative of the department/organization requests a class and the department/organization sponsors and pays for the class. Please see below to learn more about representative’s responsibilities.

Plan Ahead: It may take several weeks to arrange a class depending on requirements and instructor availability.

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Responsibilities of a Department Representative


Arrange: Please arrange for a class that interests your team, at a time that is convenient for participants. 

Communicate: Ensure participants are up-to-date with all relevant class information.

Contact us to set up a payment method or have your department initiate a journal transfer for the cost of the class. 

LeadWell Classes
Minimum Enrollment No minimum
Class Duration Varies
Class Time Your preferred time
Class Fee $400 per hour
Additional costs may be incurred for material fees.

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