Fitness classes have been suspended until further notice. We are pleased to support the health of the  community through our virtual Healthy Living classes, apps and personalized sessions.


We bring Healthy Living classes to your Stanford department.

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Class Information

We provide diverse, high-quality group fitness classes for the Stanford community. We aim to make physical activity enjoyable and accessible for everybody. Join us at various times and locations for a fitness class that fits your lifestyle.

Our classes are categorized by fitness level, from beginner to advanced, and have “chronic condition friendly” and/or “older adult friendly” designations. Instructors will accommodate mobility limitations and offer modifications in all classes.

Classes are open to Stanford University faculty, staff and benefits-eligible family members (over age 18), retirees, SHC and SCH employees.



Fitness Class Incentives

BeWell Discount: Starting in January, benefits-eligible university employees who complete the SHALA are eligible for two discounted fitness classes at the rate of $30 per quarter. To receive the BeWell discounted rate, register for a class and enter your Stanford affiliation to complete WebAuth. If you have not completed SHALA in the current year, please start the process at the BeWell website. Additional classes are available for full class fee.

HealthySteps to Wellness Points: Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health employees who participate in the HealthySteps to Wellness Program can earn 50 points when they complete a HIP Group Fitness or Healthy Living Class. Participants can earn points for up to two classes. Learn  more…

Fitness Location Information

At ACSR and AOERC: Fitness classes in these facilities are offered through Stanford Recreation and Wellness (Rec) and require a Group Fitness Pass.

At Stanford Redwood City: All group fitness classes at Stanford Redwood City are offered by Stanford Recreation and Wellness (Rec) and require a Cardinal Group Fitness Pass.

In Stanford Research Park: 

  • The gym at 1651 Page Mill Road is open for Stanford Research Park School (SRP) School of Medicine employees. SRP School of Medicine employees must obtain building access from their supervisors prior to use. Select fitness classes are offered at this location.
  • Fitness classes at 1651 Page Mill Road are available to all School of Medicine employees. Upon registration, non-SRP School of Medicine employees will be granted limited access to the facility during the registered class times.