Health Improvement Program

Date of Publication

August 2020

Fitness Class Transfer: HIP to Recreation

In an effort to improve the Stanford wellness experience, Health Improvement Program (HIP) fitness classes are being transferred to Stanford Recreation & Wellness (Recreation).

This transfer will align program offerings with HIP and Recreation’s respective areas of expertise and streamline the Stanford wellness experience. Recreation will be Stanford’s one-stop-shop for fitness and physical activity and HIP will be Stanford’s go-to source for personal well-being and wellness education. 

Recreation invites you to explore and join open-air group fitness classes specifically for faculty and staff. BeWell participants will receive a discounted rate and a Berry for joining. Stay informed with up-to-date fitness information from Recreation, or subscribe to their newsletter for program announcements. 

We look forward to continuing to support the health & well-being of the Stanford community through our STAP- and EA-approved Healthy Living offerings.