Health Improvement Program

Date of Publication

September 2020

Healthy Living Integration: Improving your wellness experience

We value your well-being and are committed to the continued improvement of our wellness programs.

We are pleased to announce that the Health Improvement Program’s Healthy Living offerings have been integrated into BeWell (for university employees) and HealthySteps to Wellness (for hospital employees). This integration will simplify your experience by organizing Stanford’s robust wellness offerings into centralized locations. 

Rest assured, the same Healthy Living offerings will be offered through BeWell and HealthySteps to Wellness. You will now register on the respective websites, but otherwise the registration process will remain the same. You can also browse the calendars on BeWell or HealthySteps to Wellness to get started. 

We’re pleased to continue as your go-to source for personal well-being and wellness education. Thank you for your valuable contribution to Stanford’s culture of wellness.