YMCA Partnership:
  • We provided key services to an advisory board that enabled  the YMCA of the USA’s Healthier Communities Initiatives (HCI), to thrive:  The initiatives included the Pioneering Healthier Communities (PHC), Action Communities for Health, Innovation, and EnVironmental changE (ACHIEVE), and Statewide Pioneering Healthier Communities.
  • We are developing a database that catalogs the policy, objectives and outcomes to be used by communities participating in the Healthy Community Initiatives to improve the quality of their programs using principles of community engagement.
  • We served as a member of the Healthy Communities Roundtable (HCR) and Urban Innovations Initiative (UII), Y-USA’s initiative to bring leading organizations together for expert advice and technical assistance in guiding community teams.
  • We developed a Community Healthy Living Index to evaluate opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity in schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and collectively, throughout the community.  The project was funded by the CDC.

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