Tia Rich, PhD
Manager, Resilience and Stress Management Programs & Director of Contemplation By Design

PHONE 650-725-9930 EMAIL tiarich@stanford.edu

About Tia

Tia Rich delights in helping people to thrive. She draws upon her experiences — as a gardener, cook, caregiver, portrait artist, hiker, yoga and meditation teacher, health promotion specialist, psychotherapist, executive coach, researcher and manager — to help people cultivate their health and well-being.

As a health promotion specialist, Dr. Rich created HIP’s Contemplation By Design (CBD) program to offer the Stanford community more opportunities to experience the benefits of compassion, self-compassion, mindful awareness, self-care, relationship skills, meditation and other contemplative practices. CBD programs enhance resilience, reduce stress and cultivate well-being and fulfillment.

Dr. Rich teaches applied contemplative practices classes, academic courses, and collaborates on research conducted by the Stanford Prevention Research Center WELL Project.

Since 1983, Tia has been creatively offering members of the Stanford community health promoting experiences that incorporate the arts, contemplative practices, and scientific information about resilience, behavioral health and professional excellence.

Tia helps people to compassionately connect with the challenges in their evolving lives and mindfully move through blocks to successfully enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual health. Tia offers validation, empathy, inspiration and practical physical, intellectual and emotional tools that develop professional and personal calm, compassionate competence. She helps people to build relationships with themselves, as well as with others.

Daily, Tia looks forward to getting to know HIP participants and learning from their thoughtful questions and inspiring lives. She enjoys seeing what is unique and special in each person, and then creating individualized support and guidance.

Tia earned a PhD and MSW in Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkley and a MA in Health Psychology and BA in Human Biology from Stanford University. After earning her Stanford master’s in health psychology, she helped to establish HIP as Stanford’s pioneering workplace wellness program. After she completed 15 months of full-time residential training in mindfulness yoga and meditation at the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, the art and science of health promotion became her career in 1981. As faculty in the Stanford Business School’s Advanced Management College, for 16 years Dr. Rich taught behavior-based resilience skills for high performance professionals.

Tia applied her doctoral research on resilience among 1,000 Stanford employees by creating a skill-building course called “C.A.R.E.S.™: Compassion, Awareness and Relationship skills to Ease Stress” — which she has taught for HIP since 2006. She also teaches breathing, mindful yoga, meditation, sunrise exercise, and HIP’s art and fitness programs. She is the author of the spoken-word book, Breathing for Longevity, Love and Livelihood.