Mia Primeau, MA
Marketing Specialist

EMAIL miaprime@stanford.edu

About Mia

Mia has a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Rhode Island, and an M.A. in Somatic Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. Mia has worked in many areas of health and wellness. In 2009 she founded the University of Rhode Island’s Yoga program, and taught classes in yoga and mindfulness for students and staff. In graduate school, she developed a small private practice as a wellness coach, focusing on end of life acceptance. She went on to serve as a grief counselor at Pathways Hospice.

Mia’s work with end-of-life inspired her to focus more on prevention and early intervention. She went on to teach middle school Health and Wellness at Summit Public Schools. In 2016, Mia became a part of the Health Improvement Program team as a wellness coach. Inspired by the potential of the program, Mia gladly accepted the role of Marketing Specialist for the Health Improvement Program. She has been in this role since 2017.

Mia absolutely loves her work at Stanford. Every day, she looks forward to problem-solving and creating meaningful experiences with participants and co-workers. In her spare time, Mia enjoys relaxing with friends and family, spending time outdoors, learning, listening to stand-up comedy, and exploring the arts.