Jordana Harshman, MPH
Wellness Manager, Stanford Children’s Health


About Jordana

Jordana Harshman is the Wellness Manager for Stanford Children’s Health. Her education background includes an MPH specializing in community health and health education and a BA in anthropology specializing in medical and health culture. She also holds an ICF certification as a wellness coach and was certified as Kripalu yoga teacher through a residential program. She has over 19 years of work experience spanning higher education, nonprofits, government consulting, business administration, and real estate.

Jordana is dedicated to supporting the healthcare workforce rise to the innumerable challenges. On any given day she may be collaborating behind the scenes developing strategic plans, facilitating wellness team trainings, providing leadership coaching, or developing improvement projects. She enjoys working in all levels of the organization in a multidisciplinary capacity by contributing to work groups, committees, wellness advocacy initiatives, and the development of high quality leaders. She also partners with HR groups, such as Enterprise Learning and Development, Operations, and Benefits. Finally, Jordana ensures her role supports the Chief Human Resource Officer’s stable Respect for People core goal as it relates to achieving annual wellness improvements.

Jordana’s areas of expertise are mindsets, compassion, high quality connections, stress reduction, and the Professional Fulfillment Model. She speaks about these topics at conferences and by request.