Deborah Balfanz, PhD
Manager, Stanford Weight Management/Group Behavior Change Programs

PHONE 650-725-3185 EMAIL

About Deborah Balfanz

Debbie has been with HIP since January 2002. Currently, she manages HIP’s group behavior change offerings that teach participants the skills needed to improve the health of their lifestyle. In addition, she is working with Manager Academy to provide trainings that will help supervisors better support the health of their employees. She also provides wellness coaching through BeWell and HIP. Finally Debbie helps evaluate the effectiveness of HIP and BeWell programs.

Originally from Philadelphia, she received her BA in Psychology from University of PA, and a Ph.D in Social Psychology from Princeton University. As both the Manager of HIP’s group weight management programs, and as a working mom, she understands the realities of trying to fit in physical activity and healthy eating while living a busy life. She enjoys helping others identify and manage their barriers to a healthy lifestyle.

An East Coast person her whole life, Debbie appreciates the California weather. She enjoys jogging, strength training, and shopping as a competitive sport. She and her older son are also active in the community service group, Young Men’s Service League (YMSL).