Dr John Farquhar
John Farquhar, MD, founded the Stanford Prevention Research Center in the late 1970s and the Health Improvement Program in 1983.
Dr. Farquhar’s significant contributions to Stanford and the greater community continue to benefit our lives and the lives of those around us, as we continue his work to inspire healthy living.


Staff Directory

Joanne Ambras

Wellness Coach & Nutrition Educator

Email: jambras@stanford.edu Phone: 650-721-2984

Julie Anderson, MPH

Manager, Health Promotion

Email: julie.anderson@stanford.edu Phone: 650-725-4416

Deborah Balfanz, PhD

Manager, Stanford Weight Management/Group Behavior Change Programs

Email: dbalfanz@stanford.edu Phone: 650-725-3185

Alexandria Blacker, MPH

Wellness Manager, Stanford Health Care

Email: blacker@stanford.edu

Christi Cerna

Administrative Associate

Email: ccerna@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 723-9649

Julie Croteau

Director of Communications

Email: jcroteau@stanford.edu Phone: (415) 319-4950

Dominique Del Chiaro, M.Ed.

Senior Manager, Healthy Living Program

Email: chiaro07@stanford.edu Phone: 650-497-2241

Charelle Fernandez, MS

Director, HealthySteps to Wellness (Hospital)

Email: charelle@stanford.edu Phone: (408) 489-8275

Sonia Halvorson, MA

Lead Technology Manager

Email: halvorson@stanford.edu

Emma Hamilton

Senior Software Developer

Email: hemma@stanford.edu Phone: 408-891-3553

Jordana Harshman, MPH

Wellness Manager, Stanford Children’s Health

Email: jharshman@stanford.edu

Christina Hoe, BS

Wellness Coordinator, HealthySteps to Wellness

Email: choe8@stanford.edu

Soowon Kim, PhD

Manager, Analytics and LeadWell Training

Email: soowon.kim@stanford.edu Phone: 650-723-7049

Terry Palmer, MS

Associate Wellness Program Manager of Events and Outreach, HealthySteps to Wellness

Email: tpalmer2@stanford.edu

Mia Primeau, MA

Marketing Specialist

Email: miaprime@stanford.edu

Patty Purpur DeVries, MS

Associate Director of Faculty and Staff Wellness: Innovation and Strategy
Ambassador, Stanford WellMD Center

Email: pattysue@stanford.edu Phone: 408-891-3553

Jayna Rogers, MPH

Manager, BeWell Workshops & Smoking Cessation Program

Email: jlrogers@stanford.edu Phone: 408-761-6203

Cecille Tabernero, MS

Manager, BeWell Screening & LeadWell Network Membership and Events

Email: ctab@stanford.edu Phone: 650-724-0245

Maia Tamanakis

Wellness Coach

Email: maiat@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 721-2984

Jerrie Thurman, MA

Manager, Fitness Program

Email: jerrie.thurman@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 725-4406

Rosalyne Tu, MS, RD

Manager of Operations, BeWell Biometrics; Wellness Advisor, BeWell; HIP Instructor

Email: rtu@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 721-3035

Lauren E. Walker, MS

Associate Wellness Manager, HealthySteps to Wellness

Email: lewalker@stanford.edu Phone: (650) 724-4142

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