Health Improvement Program

Weight Management

Weight Management: Building the Foundation

This 12-week program helps participants gradually change life-long habits related to nutrition, physical activity, weight management, and stress management. Through improved lifestyle practices, they will see gains in their health, enjoy improved interpersonal relationships and experience increased effectiveness at work. The program consists of an online health assessment and 12 group sessions. In the group sessions, participants set a short-term goal that they work on between sessions. They discuss their progress, obstacles, and strategies with one another. The facilitator also leads a discussion on a topic related either to behavioral science (e.g., staying motivated, building a support network), or on a topic more directly related to weight loss (e.g., non-hunger). The program does not provide participants with a diet or exercise plan. Rather, our philosophy is that participants come up with their own goals, with input from the facilitator and other group members. After the 12 weeks, it is our belief that participants will have the skills and strategies needed to continue on their path to a healthier lifestyle. At that point, many participants will feel confident working on their lifestyle improvements on their own, while others may want to enroll in another behavior change program for added support.

Cost of the program is: $250 for Stanford University, SHC employees and their families (wmbf-01) and $300 for all others (wmbf-04). STAP/EA Funds available for eligible employees.

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